Mystical Mining Update


Jan 1, 2020
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New mystical materials have been discovered deep under the surface!


  • Fluxes: Orbs you can find when mining certain ores which can then be sold to a mining market.
  • Gemstones: They can be sold to the mining market as well.
  • Rune Dust: Gained from Refining 'Mysterious Dust' in a Refinery. Used to summon Rune Guardians to earn runes.
  • Refinery: A multi-block structure that allows you to grind Mysterious Dust down into other useful items.
  • Runes: You get these from killing Rune Guardians. You summon these with Rune Dust by clicking on Redstone Ore. Runes are like a currency and used to unlock things / use items.
  • Zeta: This is the currency for mining, this is currently used to upgrade passives. You can get Zeta from breaking ores when mining.
  • Vessels: Custom Enchantments for pickaxes.
  • Artifacts and Fossils: Unique drop tables that reward you for mining
  • Mining Level & Skill Tree: This is used to spend skill points on perks, such as increasing your Zeta gain or the maximum number of passive slots. (Coming soon!)
  • Oracles: These are end-game bosses that you can fight using Oracleite. These Oracles will drop items that can increase your maximum passive slots and other mining related things.
  • Arcanes: Mining Arcanes are similar to passives, however, they drop from the second Oracle; Impulse. You then have to do a special challenge to unlock it and get the Arcane. These Arcanes have unique abilities and can be leveled up and traded among other players.

Type /mm in-game for more information!